Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fly Fishing Camp Slayer, Baghdad, Iraq

The pic was taken this month at Camp Slayer, Baghdad, Iraq.... The fish is called an Asp and the closest comparison I can make in the States is with a Snook. Big mouth, lean body.... This time of year the little guys and the big ones (I have caught one at about 3 feet) are smacking top water emergers like white gnats. After the spawn, bigger baits with supposedly work.
The other fish in this lake system are mostly carp varieties for the bait fishermen. Add in some eels, crabs, crawdaddys, turtles and that about covers the mix... This lake system, which is all man made and part of a palace complex, is fed by the Tigris River.
Check out some other fish pics at ..... We just had a tourney a few weeks ago but it was really bad.... I heard that only three fish were caught....

Frank Cumberland - Baghdad, Iraq

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